16 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:48

Secret service for the perished in Donbas was held in Moscow (Photos)


Officially the special operation paratrooper units were allegedly on vacations.

On Sunday in Moscow without too much noise a service for the 12 dead soldiers took place of the 45th special operations regiment of the Russia’s airborne troops.

The portraits of deceased paratroopers and common Russian citizens are line up in a hall somewhere in Moscow’s south-west district.

This follows from the Free Journal, which refers to an eyewitness, who claims: the guys died while on vacations.

“A funeral was performed in Moscow for the soldiers of the 45th special operations regiment of airborne troops, who simultaneously died under unknown circumstances. Whether it was a group accident, or they were killed in the course of the counter-terrorist operation in Ukraine”, - the blogger writes, pointing out that “in neighboring and brotherly Moscovia funerals have become more frequent of all kinds of Cossacks, soldiers of fortune, orthodox soldiers as well as the soldiers of special operations units”.

There are a lot of deaths, although there were no special operation in Russia lately with the participation of special operations units and no victims were reported among the staff of the Russia’s Armed Forces.

“The relatives, of course, were silent, - not a word to the camera. All in all, what Russian journalist will be now reporting on the topic of multiple losses among terrorists, including Russian mercenaries? These are brave rebels, who are destroying the junta in Kyiv, in the meanwhile stepping back and leaving behind piles of scrap metal and rotting meat with Russian passports”, - sarcastically comments the eyewitness, who posted the photos.

But it turned out that not all of the dead did actually belong to the 45th regiment of the Russia’s airborne troops, Podrobnosti reports.

The information is definite only about the two: 21-year old Alexey Yurin from Mozhaysk and 20-year old Moscow resident Aleksandr Efremov.

The first in the picture is Nikolay Leonov from Dnepropetrosk – he had nothing to do with the 45th regiment. He was a Cossack, world’s champion in kickboxing.

Here is his friend Aleksandr Morozov – he is a career soldier from Tambov. He had combat experience in Chechnya, for which he was awarded a Courage Order.

As well as another Moscow’s “hero” – 48-year old Sergey Zhdanovich from Elektrogorsk. Russia’s FSB instructor, who fought in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other hot stops, but died in Donetsk during the airport storm.

It was earlier reported that two deceased militants were identified, who belonged to Russia’s 45th airborne regiment.

Alexey Yurin, 21, Mozhaysk, served under conscription in 45th guardian special operations regiment of the airborne troops of the Armed Forces of Russia. Eliminated by the counter-terrorist forces in Donetsk.

Terrorist Aleksandr Efremov no. 1336 Moscow (Russian Federation) 45th special operations regiment of the airborne troops of the Armed Forces of Russia. Eliminated by the counter-terrorist forces in Donetsk.

The names of the other guys and men in the portraits are still unknown – they are not advertised by the Kremlin’s official media. But it is hard for Moscow to forget about the ones, who died fighting in Donbas. That is why such semi-secret services for the dead in their, Russia’s, war.

All over the world Russia is officially claiming: there are no Russian militants in Donbas. There is a civil war in Ukraine, with which Moscow has nothing to do.