18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:50

“Potato beetle” ribbons now in all share taxis in Minsk?


Our readers worry that Minsktrans, a passenger transportation company, pit Belarusians against Ukrainians.

The photo was sent to charter97.org by Uladzimir Ahurtsou.

“Ribbons of St George recently appeared in all share taxis in Minsk. They could be seen occasionally in few minibuses, but it has become a trend,” he writes.

Uladzimir says St George ribbons are called “potato beetle” ribbons in Ukraine. Separatists are often called potato beetles, because they “wear the ribbons, fight against the Ukrainian army and kill patriots of Ukraine”.

“The fact that potato beetle ribbons appeared in all share taxis shows that it is a well-organised campaign , but not the 'Russian patriotism' expressed by drivers. It's clear that it was an order from above,” he thinks.

All share taxis, both private and state-owned, receive licences in state-owned Minsktrans company. So, the reader asks the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Belarus:

“Why do we see symbols of another country (Russia), which are used to kill the fraternal people of Ukraine, in all share taxis in Minsk? Do you pit us against Ukrainians? Do you prepare us for a war with Ukraine on Russia's side?” the reader wonder.

There were several reports that unidentified people, allegedly deaf-mutes, distributed small Russian flags among car drivers in different towns in Belarus. Russian flags were noticed in share taxis in Vitebsk.