19 January 2018, Friday, 22:23

Another member of “council of republic” to be arrested on Thursday?


Lukashenka calls for an special meeting of the “council of the republic” to solve the issue of criminal prosecution of a “senator”.

As charter97.org has learnt, the measure is provided for by decree No. 409 of August 11, 2014, that was published today on the National Legal Portal.

The special meeting is called to “solve the issue on a consent to criminal prosecution of a member of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus and to consider other issues if necessary”.

The decree comes into force from the day it is signed.

Earlier, a member of the “council of the republic”, businessman from Mahilou Vitali Kastahorau, was detained by the police during the council's meeting and stripped of immunity.

Under the law, a senator can be stripped of immunity only with the consent of other senators except for the cases of committing treason or a grave crime, or the arrest at the crime scene.

Kastahorau was detained at a meeting of the upper house of the “parliament” in late June. He was stripped of immunity by a majority vote.