17 January 2018, Wednesday, 14:02

Belarusian military to shoot from BUKs in Russia

Belarusian Air Force and Air Defense are to carry out drills with field firing at the Ashuluk firing range (in the Astrakhan region of Russia) and Telemba (Zabaikalye Territory, Russia).

Charter97.org was informed about that by the press-service of the Defence Ministry of Belarus.

“From August 12 to September 19 a tactical drill with live mission is carried out with the units of anti-aircraft missile troops of Air Force and Air Defense Troops of Belarus will take place.

According to the idea of the drills, at the first stage units will train the issues of transition to the highest stages of readiness, warfare preparation and war-fighting in countering air strikes. At the second stage of drills the personnel is to move by airborne and railway echelons into a new firing position area, where the active phase of the drills with live firing exercises of BUK and S-300 systems’ combat crews are to take place.

The particular feature of the upcoming drills is carrying out live firing exercises at two firing ranges of the Russian Armed Forces. One part of the trainees is to practice one episode of drills at Ashuluk firing range, the other at Telemba firing range,” the source noted.