18 January 2018, Thursday, 11:10

On eve of Lukashenka’s visit to Hatava curbs and posts get painted

It is the third week that work has been boiling at the well-known road Minsk-Hatava.

It was one of the three roads, at which a huge number of cars stuck during last year’s Javier storm. However, according to a charter97.org reader, they are not going to widen the road or make it safer for traffic. Instead of that they are hastily painting the curbs along road, installing new traffic signs and mowing the grass. The reason is that Lukashenka will soon take the road.

“No one is going to widen it, or make safer for traffic. They have just hung out new road signs, mown the grass around, cut the trees, painted the posts, the gas pipeline signs, aligned the curb. In one word – made a picture. At first the reason for such attention was a mystery, but in turned out to be as usual. The tsar is coming to Hatava! If you go along the plant’s fence, you could see the scale of the preparations. They are painting everything they can: fences, curbs, transformer substations, the workshops of neighboring plants and even the transmission facility, which has been waiting for this moment for about thirty years. It has gone lucky, unlike its neighbors, which are not seen from the plant’s side”, - the reader writes.