18 January 2019, Friday, 9:37
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Streamer “No to tortures!” emerged at entry road to Minsk


Anarchists protest against total police lawlessness in Belarus.

Activists informed about that charter97.org website.

Over the last week the “Haurus” (“Alliance”) art group held a series of actions against total lawless of Belarusian police. They were organized in suburbs of Minsk. Graffiti with the words “No to willfulness of cops!”, “They guard your bondage”, “Executioners should perish on the scaffold”. A streamer “No to tortures!” accompanied by smoke special effects appeared at one of the entry roads to Minsk on an automobile bridge.

The protest actions were held in connection with a shocking story of a torture murder of a young man by two policemen in the temporary detention facility of Svetlahorsk police department. Earlier 50 posters were pasted to inform local dwellers about the incident in their town.

We remind that Alyaksandr Akulich died on May 26, 2012 in the temporary detention facility of Svetlahorsk police department after he was tortured by policemen. He died on the fourth day out of the five days of his arrest. According to the findings of the forensic examination, the reason of his death was a chronic alcohol intoxication, which was aggravated by abstention syndrome with acute organic brain syndrome and cerebral edema. No legal evaluation of the actions of the temporary detention facility’s officers have been made, though they had not provided access to medical assistance on time.