16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:38

New Qatar’s land near Minsk


What views will be available for Arabian sheikhs in their own hunting grounds.

The Dubrova water storage basin, located in the triangle between the villages of Dubrovo-Prylepy-Hubichy, has become an object of close attention after Lukashenka presented a million dollars’ worth piece of land there to the Quatari. Salidarnasc sought to find what was special about it.

- When me and my husband got the house and the land after the death of my parents, the spouse got asked at work: “Aren’t you by chance related to Lukashenka?” – shares one of the land owners in the village of Dubrova. – Here, by the road, the houses are more modest. On the hill, though, there are all kinds of people: judges, prosecutors, officials, and this comic – Vadzim Halyhin.

One must not go far in order to verify the words of the local. Luxurious cottages have hidden among the trees on the hill, to which separate driveways lead.

- There used to be problems with water (the water pump broke down), so the neighbor decided to drill a well. We suggested him to chip in and do it together. He said he had enough money and left us an approach to the well, - another dweller of the Dubrova village tells.

The popularity of the shores of the water storage basin among wealthy Minsk residents is understandable. It is in mere 20 kilometers from Minsk, it is very close from here to Raubichy and its infrastructure. And the landscapes here are breathtakingly beautiful.

Along the shore you cannot but hold your glance on the yet another cottage settlement with wealthy mansions, or on the construction of another settlement.

- The Dubrova water storage basin is rented by a private enterprise Aziarytski-Agra. They are the ones, who build everything here, - one of the construction workers told in the upcoming settlement “Dubrova block”. – Across the basin – on the other side – there is a residential complex being built named “Aziorny golf-club”.

Across the field you bump into a small wooded area, beyond which the basin stretches like a river’s bed. The embankment is favored by fishermen and the locals. On the opposite bank lies the territory given away to the Quatari.

One can only guess, what views the Quatar guests will have in their own hunting grounds. A naked eye could see the road, encircling the territory, given away as a gift. It can also be perfectly seen in the Google Maps.

Already now it is practically impossible to have a rest for free on the shores of the water storage basin. The Aziarytski-Agra private enterprise, which, according to the official web-site, is a subsidiary of the Belagroprombank, is actively face-lifting the shore adjacent territories and introduces fees for recreation and fishing. The minimum fee for a place to set for recreation is 20 thousand Belarusian roubles.

On the weekends it is crowded here – so many people come from Minsk, - a controller says at the entrance to one of the recreation zones. – Several thousand come. It is still possible to find a place on the shore for free, at least along the road. But it will all soon become paid – for the people on vacations and fishermen alike.

The way along the shores of the water storage basin does not stop impressing with picturesque sceneries. Hayfields go into meadows, and wild apples trees grow by the water.

- There are still places, where one can have a rest, take a swim, fish… But to do it for free one will soon have to hide in the bushes, - complains one of the dwellers of the Prylepy village. – They have torn everything in parts. One the one hand, it may good that the shore is equipped. On the other, there are so many fences, that you cannot get to the water.