19 January 2018, Friday, 0:16

Sniper from Barysau poses for photo with red-green flag in Donbas


Natalia Krasouskaya keeps fighting against Ukraine for the DPR gunmen.

Another photo of the sniper from Barysau has been published on VKontakte social network. Natalia Krasouskaya poses with pleasure for a photo holding a rifle and with a band colored as the official Lukashenka flag.

In early June the sniper from Barysau told Russian journalists how she had started fighting in Slavyansk, Donetsk region, and sent regards personally to Lukashenka.

“I came here on 5 May, and already on 7 May I was in Slavyansk. I was born in Belarus, grew up in Belarus. Before coming to Slavyansk I lived in Belarus, Minsk region, in the city of Barysau, in Trusava Street. I am not afraid to show my face and passport”, - she confessed.

Earlier information came out that Natalia had been contused near Slavyansk. Later, some media mistakenly reported that she had been detained by Ukrainian forcers.