19 January 2018, Friday, 16:29

Sharejka stood in way of Lukashenka’s oligarch?


The former director of the Viciebsk poultry factory started having problem after having refused to purchase forage from Ecomol JSCo.

This information gets confirmed by Belarus Prosecutor General’s office too, which suspects Hanna Sharejka of giving illegal orders to the members of the competition board that decided on the winners of the bidding for a contract for supplying forage and forage supplements for the Viciebsk Poultry Factory enterprise. “More advantageous conditions were declined, which resulted into damaged being caused by her actions in the amount over Br4 billion”, - they believe at the Prosecutor General’s office.

Two companies, in fact, took part in the biddings, which the law enforcers put into question, Ecomol JSCo and Russkom-R LtD (the official dealer of Riga Formula Feed plant in Belarus). The workers of the poultry factory confirmed this information to charter97.org.

Producer of forage and forage supplements Ecomol JSCo since 2007has been a part of the Servolux company group (the largest producer of poultry meat in Belarus), whose owner is a member of the president’s Entrepreneurship Development Council Jauhien Baskin. Baskin has been included in the list of Belarus’ 200 most successful and influential businessmen on the 6th position.

The inspection of the activities of the poultry factory was run by the Belarus State Control Committee and Viciebsk region executive committee’s Police Department. The legitimacy of the tenders were inspected upon a complaint from the Ecomol JSCo. In the opinion of the controllers, “the Ecomol JSCo had a lower price listed, which meant they were supposed to win”. However, the representatives of the poultry factory do not agree with that. They believe that the price in the tender should be calculated not by the formula, taking a kilogram of meat as a measurement unit, but “1% of raw protein”. This is the main quality parameter of forage mixtures for poultry factories and the Russkom-R’s product was more advantageous.

In the opinion of the poultry factory’s workers, the inspectors did not go into the peculiarities of poultry breeding, which led to the enterprise’s director general Hanna Sharejka, four members of the competition commission and two supplier companions having been taken into custody. On 14 August the Council of the Republic gave approval for criminal prosecution of Hanna Sharejka. She is being charged with committing a crime under part 3 of the article 424 of the Criminal Code (power abuse).