17 January 2018, Wednesday, 17:39

Shayeu and Kudravets settled down in Drazdy-2

The chairman of the Investigations Committee and CEO of the Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) have become the new residents of the elite settlements near Minsk.

Over the recent few years Belarusian officials have been given more than 40 land allotments in the district of Drazdy-2 in Minsk. Among its dwellers are ministers, members of security agencies, military retiree, “Nasha Niva” informs.

After the wide distribution, only one land lot was left, the one neighbouring on the land of Ihar Shunevich, Interior Affairs Minister. In early April 2014 the plot of 0.12 ha finally found its owner. According to the decision of Minsk city executive committee, now it belongs to the chairman of the Investigations Committee Valyantsin Shayeu ( Valentin Shaev).

What is remarkable about this security official?

He is one of the few officials in which official biographies there is no information about the exact birth place. “He was born in 1964 in Vitsebsk region,” – the reason for this secrecy is unclear. The same phrases could be found only in the biographies of the KGB chairman Valery Vakulchyk and the former intelligence officer, and now Foreign Affairs Minister Uladzimir Makei.

In the age of 27 Shayeu graduated from the Belarusian State University and started his work as an investigator of the prosecutors’ office. Seven years after he was a prosecutor of Rassony district, and five years later he was appointed a prosecutor of Vitsebsk region.

In 2006 Sayeu was promoted and invited to Minsk, to the Office of Prosecutor General. In the capital he became the head of the department of supervision of criminal cases investigation. After that he worked as a prosecutor of Homel region (from 2009 to 2012), and finally he returned to the capital to the position of a deputy chairman of the Investigations Committee.

When his superior Valery Vakulchyk was invited to become the chief of the KGB, Shayeu took over the leadership in the Investigations Committee.

The official started to settle in Minsk even when he moved to Minsk for the first time. He became a member of a housing cooperative and built a flat. But he didn’t have a chance to live there in fact, as he was ordered to Homel.

And now Shayeu is presented with 0.12 ha of elite land in Minsk. Now it is a life estate, and he has a right of conveyance by inheritance. The official price of the plot according to a cadastral valuation is more than $230,000. The real market price is up to $600-700 thousand. It is a salary of an official like Shayeu for several dozens of years.

Recently Valyantsin Shayeu offered to introduce additional responsibility for excessively rich officials. “Such a responsibility could take a form of recovery of property to the state revenue, if property of an official is considerably larger than income of an official, and prove it was a lawful income.” It's too right!

Shayeu was given land plot by a decision of Minsk city executive committee #778, while by the previous decision one more representative of the vertical of power, Alena Kudravets, CEO of the Belarusian Potash Company, was given the plot for a house construction.

It is remarkable that they registered their estate property almost at the same time, with a difference of just 15 minutes.

There was not enough place for Kudravets in Drazdy-2, that is why she was offered a plot a little further, in the microdistrict “Rzhavets” (“Lyabyazhy”). It is situated between Minsk-Arena and Zhdanovichy market, one kilometre away from Vesninka. Cottages are interchanging with newly built multi-storeyed buildings, that is why land is cheaper there. The official price of the plot of Alena Kudravets, 0.10 ha, is $160,000.

The business woman established a career in Belaruskali, where she had been working for 20 years after graduation from the Law department of the Belarusian State University in 1992. It is said that Kudravets had never been a proponent of joint work with Russia, that is why after the potash conflict it was her who was appointed to take the charge of the Belarusian Potash company.