17 January 2018, Wednesday, 13:56

Homel activist called police and got detained


Activist Kanstanstsin Zhukouski was detained in the centre of Homel on the evening of August 25.

He drove to his house and saw a lorry blocking the gates of Zhukouski's house. The lorry's driver, who works at the construction site nearby, was not in the cabin, so Zhukouski called the police. Earlier, the activist's wife asked construction workers to remove the lorry, but they didn't do it, BelaPAN reports.

The traffic police and the riot police arrived. They offered Zhukouski to get into the traffic police car, but he refused, because he feared they could detain him. He asked to bring the police form in his car.

The policemen ordered the activist to show his passport, took him and ordered Zhukouski to get into their car. The activist drove into his yard, but riot policemen ran after him.

Zhukouski asked the police officers to leave the private territory, but they stayed in the yard holding the doors of Zhukouski's car open. The police officers insisted that Zhukouski should get into the police car and tried to pull him out of his car.

The debate lasted for 20 minutes. As a result, the policemen took Zhukouski out of the yard by force and took him to the Tsentralny district police department of Homel. His belongings were seized. The police officers were going to charge him with swearing.

After the detention, the traffic police officers talked to the driver of the lorry that provoked the incident. They didn't say if a parking ticket would be issued to him.