21 January 2018, Sunday, 3:43

Ukrainian political scientist: In Minsk Poroshineko will be in obvious minority


Kyiv political scientist Dmytro Ponamarchuk believes that the meeting in Minsk does not promise any significant progress at least for the reason that it will not “even take place in a neutral territory”.

“Minsk is a territory of the state, which is Russia’s ally, a country, which is in fact is in the state of war with us”, - the expert told Kommersant.

Having noted that Petro Poroshenko will be in obvious minority at the summit, he added: “Not only the leaders of Belarus and Kazakhstan play for Vladimir Putin’s team, but also, in absentia, Angela Merkel”.

According to the expert, although as the outcome of the recent bilateral talks with Poroshenko the chancellor restricted herself to the words of the necessity of peace, behind the closed doors she “insistently suggested that Kyiv accepted Moscow’s conditions”.