22 September 2017, Friday, 20:08

Ales Marachkin works on painting about war in Donbas


The artist will show his new works at an exhibition in October.

Charter97.org learnt it from Ales Marachkin, the head of the Pahonia creative community and a member of the organising committee to form the Belarusian Movement party.

“Our creative community Pahonia plans to open an exhibition at the end of October. It is a very important moment for us, because life never stops running. I will present two works. One of them is ready. It's about our life, the life of the Belarusians. It's about hockey and the things related to hockey in our streets. I will show how it was held, how the regime removed unwanted people,” the artist said about the exhibition.

Ales Marachkin spoke about another painting devoted to the war in Donbas.

“We are all concerned about the events in Ukraine. So, my main work is devoted to these events. I now call 'The Russian World', but the title can change. There's a lot to do. New events inspire me every day. I wish it had never happened, but aggression grows day by day. These 'self-proclaimed republics' in fact destroy Ukraine. Russian troops and paratroopers enter the country through open borders. it worries me, so I am painting it. I think it will be ready by the exhibition,” Ales Marachkin said.

About 50 artists are expected to participate in the exhibition.