19 January 2018, Friday, 18:49

Putin threatened Barroso he can seize Kyiv in two weeks


Russia’s president blackmailed the President of the European Commission.

José Barroso has heard threats from Vladimir Putin because of the situation in Ukraine. Addressing the meeting of the EU member countries’ leaders, he said that when asked about deploying of the troops in Ukraine, he turned nasty and started to utter threats. La Repubblica newspaper describes the situation in the following way: “The problem is the following,” the “Tsar” said to Barroso, “I will seize Kyiv in two weeks if I want.”

The author of the article believes that Putin meant “not to provoke him by new sanctions”, delo.ua writes.

It should be noted that recently world and Ukrainian media have posted lots of information, in which the Ukrainian side is “intimidated” by the loss of sovereignty and full-scale war with Putin’s Russia.

Such “leaks” could happen in order to terrify Kyiv and make it be more amenable on the issue of the conflict in Donbas, and to come to the negotiating table with terrorists, who are actively advancing recently, covered by the Russian regular army.

Earlier the Defense Ministry of Ukraine stated that Moscow was ready to increase its military presence in Ukraine considerably, and also to use tactical nuclear weapons. Representatives of the camp of President Petro Poroshenko are sure: Putin is bluffing, and Russia is not capable of carrying out all out military operations.

“Russia does not have resources for a full-fledged war with control of the occupied territories. Putin is playing military poker. His only aim is cessation of fire by us, and holding negotiations with terrorists. His minimum program is the situation like in Georgia, peace-enforcement with an analogous result: a frozen conflict in the East. And [the maximum program is] a status for the DNR and LNR,” Volodymir Aryev, the Ukrainian president’s close associate said.