22 January 2018, Monday, 11:00

Criminal case opened against Svetlahorsk official


A criminal case has been opened against Fiodar Skurchaeu, a member of the Svetlahorsk district council, over economic crimes.

He was banned from leaving the town. The Svetlahorsk district department of the Investigation Committee carries our an investigation, gomelcivil.org reports.

The criminal case was sent to the prosecutor's office of the Svetlahorsk district. Skurchaeu admitted his guilt and appealed to Lukashenka asking to free him from criminal responsibility. The appeal is being considered by a special commission.

In accordance with the Belarusian criminal code, a person, who committed a crime inflicting damage to the state property or the property of a company with the state's share in the authorised capital, or inflicting sufficient damage to state or public interests having no relation to violence to life and health, can be freed from criminal responsibility in the order established by the law if he or she voluntary compensated for the damage (harm), paid out the income obtained through illegal means and fulfilled other conditions to be freed from criminal responsibility provided for by the law.

A person can be freed from criminal responsibility on the ground of good behaviour that indicates his or her repentance.

Fiodar Skurchaeu has been the headmaster of a college since 2002. Earlier, he worked at the Svetlahorsk district education department and was the headmaster of a secondary school. He is a member of the Svetlahorsk district council, a member of the presidium of the district council and the chairman of the permanent mandate commission on local administration.

Considering the appeal for freeing from criminal responsibility can take up to several months. If the appeal is granted, the offender will be freed from criminal responsibility. If the appeal is dismissed, the case will be sent to a court.