Vehicle test fees raised


Beltekhosmotr company set new fees for vehicle tests.

This is the second increase this year. This time, the growth was not high: fees rose 22,500 rubles for individuals and 30,000 rubles for companies, writes.

Tests for a 4×2 petrol-driven car will now cost 160,000 rubles, while a 4×4 car will be checked for 170,000 rubles. Tests for diesel or natural gas cars (4×2 or 4×4) will cost 165,000 or 180,000 rubles respectively. The fee for buses under 5 tonnes is 213,000, for buses over 5 tonnes – 300,000 rubles. Tests for trailers with a maximum authorised mass of less than 0.75 tonnes cost 59,000 rubles, for trailers or semitrailers with a maximum aurhotised mass of from 3.5 to 10 tonnes – 117,000 rubles, and for trailers with a maximum authorised mass of over 10 tonnes – 155,000 rubles. The tests fee for motorbikes, scooters or quadracycles will cost 83,000, 66,000 and 103,000 rubles respectively.

The fees of separate tests are as follows: brakes test for a 4×2 car costs 63,000 rubles, brakes test for a 4×4 car costs 77,000 rubles, lights test costs 36,000 rubles, windows light transmission level test costs 31,000 rubles, leakage test costs 30,000 rubles, body and vehicle structure test costs 31,000 rubles.