19 January 2018, Friday, 16:38

Kremlin TV channel told about death of paratrooper from Kostroma for the first time (Video)


Paratrooper was buried in Kostroma, who went to the east of Ukraine about a month ago and died in a battle.

The report comes from the First Channel. According to the TV Channel, Anatoliy Travkin did not tell about his decision to go to Ukraine to his wife, or even the command of the military unit.

“Officially he simply went on vacation”, - the First Channel’s web-site reports.

The paratrooper, who died at the age of 28, was buried with military honors next to the grave of his mother. Relatives, friends and colleagues attended the funeral.

The First Channel also reports that in the town of Elektrogorsk near Moscow an event took place to commemorate soldier Sergey Zhdanovich, who died in May in the fights for Donetsk airport, TV Rain reports. The event was initiated by a Russia-wide organization “Combat brotherhood”.

“He went to war consciously. It was pointless to try and hold him, because the person took this decision immediately. He did what a real man should have done. We miss him very much, but we will be proud of him for the rest of our lives”, - Sergey Zhdanovich’s widow Larisa said. The First Channel points out that the relatives of the perished soldier knew that he went to fight in Ukraine.