17 December 2017, Sunday, 16:44

Search in head office of Homel human rights activists

A search is made in the community and political centre in Homel.

In Homel building in Palesskaya Street, 52 a search is carried out, policemen are seizing office equipment, Viasna human rights centre’s website informs.

As said by the deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Vasily Palyakou, policemen came into the community and political centre where many public associations rent premises. They had a search warrant and prosecution warrant. Police explained that a porno video had been allegedly uploaded from an IP-address which is localized in Palesskaya, 52, and a criminal case had been opened. The law-enforcing agencies also asked questions about a human rights activist Leanid Sudalenka, who is now not in the city. Policemen were interested by a mailbox of the human rights activist: he is allegedly involved in the criminal case in some way.

The search is also held in the flat of Leanid Sudalenka as well.