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Political prisoner Alinevich about Vitsba-3 correctional facility: More and more people arrive

Political prisoner Alinevich about Vitsba-3 correctional facility: More and more people arrive
Ihar Alinevich

Political prisoner Ihar Alinevich called home after almost a month of silence.

Radio Svaboda learnt it from Ihar's mother Valiantsina Alinevich.

“He had a tired voice, perhaps because he had just worked his shift or for another reason. I was happy, because it was his first call for the last month. Ihar said there was a long queue to make a call. More and more people arrive at the correctional facility. There are long queues because the jail doesn't have enough telephones. Ihar says he is fine. Anyway, he hasn't been thrown into a punishment cell this month. He didn't say more details about confinement conditions. Perhaps, he has reasons for this,” she said.

Ihar Alinevich spent 10 days in the punishment cell in late April – early May. He was thrown in the punishment cell in Vitsba-3 correctional facility several times. His family doesn't know the reasons. Alinevich was derived of the right to have a long-term meeting with relatives and to receive parcels from outside. The political prisoner can spend only 180,000 rubles on food at the commissary. The political prisoner's mother thinks it was done on purpose.

According to the political prisoner, inspectors visited Vitsba 3 facility in May.

“He didn't say that confinement conditions improved in this regard,” Valiantsina Alinevich noted.

Ihar Alinevich is an activist of the anarchist movement. He continues to ask about his friends who were convicted for protests in 2010.

“He asked me about Mikalai Dziadok who cut his arms, protesting in the correctional facility in Horki. Ihar read about it in newspapers. He sends his best wishes to everyone who remembers him,” the mother of the political prisoner said.

Anarchist activist Ihar Alinevich was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment for damaging administrative buildings. The political prisoner didn't admit his guilt. He had served a part of his term in a correctional facility in Navapolatsk, which was known for extremely bad ecology, until it was closed. Ihar Alinevich was transferred to Vitsba-3 correctional facility.

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