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Ivonka Survilla: Political prisoners release should be ensured

Ivonka Survilla: Political prisoners release should be ensured
Ivonka Survilla

The international community must continue putting pressure on Belarusian authorities.

Rada of the Belarusian People's Republic says no elections can be considered legitimate and fair without the observance of basic democratic norms. In an official statement the BPR Rada notes that at the moment Belarus has no conditions for free and democratic elections, Radio Racyja reports.

BPR Rada demands the immediate release and rehabilitation of all political prisoners, BPR Chairman Ivonka Survilla says:

-We must ensure the regime to release political prisoners. It is unacceptable in a modern Europe. The Belarusians themselves should fight it, but not a few activists or brave people. The Belarusians must understand that without free elections Belarus fails the opportunity to be the country it should be.

BPR Rada calls the international community to continue pressure on the authorities of the Republic of Belarus, to ensure the protection of human rights and real steps for democratization of the political regime in Belarus.

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