12 December 2018, Wednesday, 9:30
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Yury Khashchavatski: Happiness Depends On Every One Of Us


Famous Belarusian film director is turning 70 years old.

Answering the questions of the website Charter97.org, the renown movie director addressed to his compatriots.

— Yury Iosifavich, 70 is an important milestone for every person. Looking back, what would you name the most important thing in your life?

— The most important thing is that my granddaughter is already seven years old, that our family is strong and good, that I continue to make films and still full of creative plans. This is very important, because I understand: life goes on.

Fate saved me from some dishonest acts, from too serious mistakes. The most important thing for everyone — and I hope it worked out for me — is to remain a decent person. Perhaps, this is the most important thing for a person in the 70's. Now I can not remember much from my life what I should be ashamed of. Of course I did something, just like everyone else — but in general, from the height of 70 years I have a good attitude to myself. And this attitude to oneself is certainly important for everyone in the age of 70.

— You have said that you are still full of creative plans. How are things with your new film "This mad, mad, mad Russian world"? Why did you come up with the idea of making a film on this subject?

— The pointt is that in creativity you always go from simple to complex. If 21 years ago in the "Ordinary President" it seemed that the collective farm authorities in Belarus were our most important misfortune, then gradually, opening and understanding those springs that launched the mechanism of strangulation of our society, you start to come to the conclusion: it's not so simple.

There is a huge influence from our eastern neighbor. So I started to think: why is it so, what is happening with a huge country in the east, what kind of policy is coming from there, what are its methods and tools, what are they doing with their neighbors?

In this connection, an idea appeared on the example of Georgia to investigate this problem. It could be done on the example of Belarus, but, unfortunately, it is difficult for me to shoot in my native country. It’s enough to show the camera, and people in civilian clothes run up, and they practically do not give any chance to shoot.

And after the film "Lobotomy" I had close friendly and creative ties with Georgia, so I decided to show the tools of Russian imperial policy on this country's example and figure out what is happening, how the Kremlin was destroying the destinies of entire nations.

So gradually I came to do the Russian theme, not domestic Russian issues, but Russia's role in the fate of the neighboring countries. How the Russian world is planted there and how its degradation is taking place.

The film is ready, but I cannot say for now how soon the people will see it. I think that very soon it will be posted on the Internet, like my previous works.

— Having achieved fame and success in creativity, you are still a politically active person. What would you like to tell Belarusians who will participate in the Outraged Belarusians’ March 2.0 on October 21?

— I want to quote a very well-known song: "No one will give us redemption - neither God, nor the king or the hero, we will achieve liberation with our own hand." These are the words from the old anthem of revolutionaries, but there;s truth in them.

Belarusians, stop waiting for heroes! Enough waiting for Lancelot, who will come and cut off the head of the Belarusian dragon. Gentlemen, no one but us will do this. No one will save us from the Decree # 3 if the citizens of the country sit under a broom and wait for another oppositionist to go to jail for them to spend their days, or even years, as was the case with Andrei Sannikov and Mikalai Statkevich.

You can not sit and wait for someone to bring happiness to the house. Happiness will come if every day people will protect their freedom and the right to live in their native land. Therefore, everyone who has the strength and health must definitely come out on October 21 to the Square in Minsk.