21 February 2019, Thursday, 20:05
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We Are Nation That Values Its Heroes

Tadeusz Kosciuszko

The first monument to Kosciuszko will be truly popular.

Belarusian journalist and social activist Hleb Labadzenka wrote about it on Facebook.

"Dear friends, as you know, fund raising for the erection of the first monument to Tadeusz Kosciuszko has successfully ended!

I am grateful to those almost 650 persons who joined this historical event. I am thankful to media outlets, especially to Nasha Niva – the first Belarusian newspaper, as after each article the raising of funds was going more actively. I am thankful to my friend Aliaksandr Sapeha, the holder of two medals of Kosciuszko, who actively help in this undertaking. I say thank you to those people who are helping but whom I cannot mention here.

I thank Vital Hurkou, who put his champion scarf on charity sale two days ago and this helped to collect the last 15%.

Aliaksei Rassolka, who donated the most money for the two days, received the scarf with Hurkou's autograph. Pavel and Katsiaryna Khivuk, Viktar Smusin, Uladzimir K., Ihar Kachanau, Illia Kunitski, Hanna Buikevich, Vital Sonchyk, Yauhen Zhuk, Lana Rudnik, Zlata Izvalava (unfortunately, I do not know the names of some people, because there were also anonymous donations) also were awarded with memorable gifts with autographs of the national champion. I ask all the winners to respond in order to receive their gifts.

You know, I'm proud that we are a nation that values its heroes. That the first monument to Kosciuszko will be truly popular. And the names of the donors will be immortalized in the Museum of Kosciuszko.

Very soon we, standing in front of the bronze image of Andrzej Tadeusz Kosciuszko, will be able to repeat the inscription on the signboard: "To the outstanding son of Belarus from grateful compatriots".

Thank you all!"