14 December 2018, Friday, 2:44
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Natallia Papkova Threw Down Gage To Victor Kalina


The activist demands to prohibit the scandalous chansonnier’s performance in Brest.

Natallia Papkova, the head of the Brest organization of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Narodnaya Hramada, has initiated the collection of signatures under the petition to ban the scandalous pro-Russian musician Victor Kalina from performing in Brest.

"People who do not respect Belarusians and, what is more, propagandize and support separatism, do not have the right to make money on our land," – the activist wrote on Facebook.

"On November 15, performer Victor Milko, under the stage-name Kalina, is giving a concert with a multi-valued name Hegh, Whoop It Up! in Brest regional Palace of Culture of Trade Unions Federation.

The creative and life path of brutal Russian chanson-Victor Milko (Kalina) has shown his disrespect for our country, its Constitution. Kalina supports separatism and terrorism, which contradicts our objectives to teach the Belarusian youth dignity and healthy patriotism.

Victor Milko allows himself to humiliate people in social networks on national and linguistic grounds, using vulgar turns of speech and profanity, calling some of Belarusians "under-belarusians", etc.

Victor Milko has visited occupied territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine not once, where he demonstrated his support of armed groups, allowing taking pictures with the separatist movement representatives, having uniform insignia and holding guns in his hand. Victor Milko got several awards in the so-called DPR, including the Defender of Novorossia one.

The performance of the abovementioned person in our city may cause the awakening of ideas of separatism.

Based on the above listed, we ask to ban Victor Milko’s concerts, and thus prevent the spread of propaganda of separatism and terrorism on the territory of Belarus," – the text of the petition says.