22 October 2018, Monday, 9:38
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People's Protest In Kalodzishchy: Belarusians Revolt Against Amkador


Residents of the settlement near Minsk decided to defend themselves against the "smoking giant."

"Residents of the settlement of Kalodzishchy near Minsk are against of expanding the Amkador plant," – video blogger Marat Minski reports on Youtube.

"The plant is to be expanded a few kilometers from Minsk. The presentation didn’t cause serious resonance: Kalodzishchy inhabitants did not immediately get what kind of a surprise to expect. They started to study the papers closer to the end of the presentation of the project on constructing a new plant, Amkador, and found out that they had not been aware of its "ecological" component at all. Now people are sure: they were deceived, a smoking giant will be built next to their houses and dachas," – the video says.