16 October 2018, Tuesday, 5:32
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‘Social Parasites’ Decree Shows Bare Teeth Again


Our state has turned into some commercial dolly shop.

The Decree #3 has showed bare teeth again, in a new way. Now the unemployed, listed as social dependants, will have to pay for the following services in full:

1) Kindergardens — the parents pay for nutrition now, but they will have to pay 100% of the communal services tariffs.

2) Education of children. Here we can see the repeat of Stalin’s social experiment, the secondary education was paid for in the USSR for some period. However, the aim was a bit different — to fill the labour market with the graduates of technical schools. The Belarusian version presumed the technical schools will also be paid for.

3) The criteria for being listed as a “social parasite” remain unknown.

What do we have in the end? Where is the “social state”? This is a violation of the basic norms of the Constitution. The son is responsible for the father?

Next, we are going to pay for the boots in the army, and for the cartridges at the shooting ground. Because, this is not a state, but some commercial dolly shop.

Siarheu Martsaleu, Facebook