29 May 2022, Sunday, 14:41
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Eduard Palchys: I Can Switch Over To Belarusian Language Without Any Problems

Eduard Palchys: I Can Switch Over To Belarusian Language Without Any Problems

Although, our media outreach must be enlarged to fight against the Russian propaganda successfully.

Well-known blogger and former political prisoner Eduard Palchys said that in his interview to Belsat.

– If to talk about the "Russian world" in Belarus, how far has it insinuated itself into our society?

– For me, the example of the "DNR" soldier, who went to war after watching the story about the "crucified boy" in Slavyansk, turned to be very illustrative. Propaganda affects people, and you can't get away from it. The Russian TV has been intoxicating Belarusians over the years, and the consequences of this "work" we will still see.

– Recently I’ve heard that Palchys is a hero and a Belarusian superman, and if he spoke Belarusian, it would be even better. What do you think about such statements?

– Well, firstly, it's too much to say that I'm a hero and a superman, it is quite wrong. Secondly, it’s a big plus that I speak Russian in this situation. I have no problem to switch over to the Belarusian language, but my focal point is to work among Russian-speaking Belarusians.

– If there is no language, there is no nation. Do you agree?

– Not exactly. After all, there are different nations. Take the Americans, for example. They speak English. Or, Latin is still used, but no one speaks it. But, if to look at the classic European nations, – yes, they have national languages, and we should also strive for this.

– Can the imposition of the Belarusian language cause hatred of it?

– The question is: what is imposition? At a certain point the Russian language was forcibly implanted here – it was much worse than imposition. Therefore, I am for any extension of the use of the Belarusian language. It is not an imposition, but the protection of the native language’s existence.

– No holds barred, or do they have to find the happy middle ground?

– Of course, it is preferable to make it comfortable for the majority of the population in order not to cause indignation unnecessarily.

– And how can it be implemented?

– Here’s a question. Who will do it – society, state, or both? Strategies might be different, but the main thing is to create good attitude to the mother tongue, to expand the scope of use and to develop children's Belarusian-language education.

It is to be recalled that in the past year, the founder and author of the 1863x.com site was accused of inciting ethnic hatred following several articles on the site, and was sentenced to one year, nine months of restraint of liberty without sending him to prison.

The trial was held behind closed doors in October 2016. Human rights defenders had recognized Palchys as a political prisoner before the trial began.