19 June 2018, Tuesday, 13:23

Hrodna Residents Came to the Protest Action (Video Online)

Hrodna held the protest march against the tax on "parasitism".

People gathered for a protest action in Hrodna.

Before its beginning Charter97.org was blocked in Belarus. However, we took text presentation on the website and Facebook.

Video provided by Radio Svaboda.


Local activists decided to end the "March of Non-Spongers" and thanked those who were not afraid to come. Next time Hrodna dwellers plan to take the streets on March 26.


A young father came out on an improvised podium. He says that his wife gave a birth in 2015 and now she is a "sponger". Hrodna dweller wonders how it could happen.


An old man speaks through megaphone: "Next time we will come with axes." Protesters met with joke with applause.


Hrodna dweller to a bureaucrat: "I am ashamed for Lukashenka! Look, old people came here and cry! You've driven the country into the crisis! What is going on?! Did you stand for people tried yesterday?! For whom? Did you do that? Lukashenka calls us numbskulls. Do you consider these old people numbskulls? We are numbskulls?! You've got a European diploma and I'll leave this place soon. Who will stay?


Hrodna residents troll officials. Public servants insist a thousand people go to the hall for 250 people. In response people chanted "No to Decree No. 3! Lukashenka, go away!"


Officials came to protesters to "build up a civilized talk." People hooted at them.


About a thousand people came to the Hrodna City Executive Committee. Passing cars honked.


Drone is flying over heads of action participants. People look at it and chant "No to Decree No. 3! Lukashenka, go away!". Some of them say hello to a "big brother who is watching you" from "1984" by George Orwell.


People are going to go to the local Executive Committee.


"Citizens, I used to live in an orphanage." Parents died in a war. I've earned my pension in good faith. I used to work for 48 years. We all voted for Lukashenka when he decided to run for the presidency. I spent almost a day to see that he managed to do it. But when the first term was over I understood that he had just deceived the people!" an old lady from Hrodna said.


About 1000 people gathered in Hrodna. Activist Vital Hulyak informs.


Activists give ribbons with a national ornament to protesters.


The Human Rights Centre Viasna reported that there were about 500 people gathered in Hrodna. People express their dissatisfaction with the economic situation in the country.


About 300 people gathered in Hrodna. And this is not the end.