19 June 2018, Tuesday, 13:22

Dzianis Sadouski: Protests In Belarus Are To De Fateful


The people issued Lukashenka an ultimatum.

The resolution, adopted during the "Non-Parasites March" in Minsk the day before, has been passed to the administration of Lukashenka. The angry Belarusians demand the immediate repeal of the Decree No. 3 and rehabilitation of all the mass protests detainees. Otherwise, next time the requirements will be more stringent.

"If they do not cancel this decree, our steps will be more resolute, and our demands will no longer be economic, but political ones," – BCD executive secretary Dzianis Sadouski said in his comment to Belsat.

At the same time, UCP activist and retired lieutenant colonel Mikalai Kazlou, who had signed the resolution, applied personally to Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich with a demand to bring the actions of his employees to the "lawful track".

The attempts of the authorities to deceive the protesting citizens didn’t work out. As, for example, "house of representatives" "deputy" Ihar Marzaliuk’s one during the Mahiliou rally.

Deputy chairman of the Hrodna city executive committee Zoya Kulesh also tried to calm down the enraged Belarusians, who were chanting "Lukashenka – Resign!" and promising to go out to the main square of Hrodna with axes next time.

"I am a pensioner and I cannot live peacefully. I am blind, and my children cannot serve a glass of water to me, because they have to live a vagabond life abroad. It's a shame!" – a participant of the protest shouted back.