21 June 2018, Thursday, 0:13

We Do Believe in the Belarusian Spring


Grassroots movement for changes, change of power and a bright future develops in Belarus.

Belarusians are patient and tolerant. But they got tired of this government. It is tired as all get-out, especially Lukashenka. And now Belarusian people take mass protests and demand resignation of the dictator.

I've invented a slogan for Belarus: "Belarus is the blue-eyed centre of Europe." I wrote this slogan and put it in an article published in a marketing journal. I dreamed of living in a state that could be proud of. But it is possible when people are happy, everyone of them, but not these advantageous to the dictatorial regime.

The Belarusian people could be happy. People are kind here, they are not spongers, the nature is picturesque, the history is great. But people miss happiness. And it is all because of the dictatorship and meanness of the authorities.

But I do believe that happiness will come because my people want it to be so and because I do believe in Belarusian Spring. What is the ground for it? My beloved compatriots, Belarusians, my friends, they fight for a democratic Belarus not only on protest actions but also on social networks.

I will put a few bold comments of my friends on Facebook:

"We cannot follow Confucius "The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his action".... And nothing good has happened for 23 years. If you want changes, you'd better be ready for tough actions. I'll be on the Square on March 25. I'm ready to stand for my, home, family and future of my country."

"The government itself programmed such scenario. It has burnt all bridges. It has destroyed a system opposition which could save with its authority from the people's reprisal.

"Let bureaucrats work for $100-200 per month. If you earn such money for a while, you may stop offering it to the people. Who has driven the country to such economic state? Permanent officials, aren't they?"

"Great, Mikalai Statkevich. Be persistent and unified. I express you my respect! Long Live Belarus!"

"Let someone ask representatives of the city and the main police officer whom they support! The government or the People!!! By the way, defendants said in the Nuremberg trial : "We just obeyed orders!" "So let them now decide, either they support the Belarusian people or obey orders!!!"

"Do policemen not wear the uniform in order not to lose face, because they behave like criminals? Let Shunevich make a fancy uniform of the NKVD (at his own expense, of course). Then it will be clear people deal with and the uniform of national advocates will not be blackened."

"It seems to me that it would be easier for me to be in prison rather than see and read it all. I feel sympathy to those detained and beaten people... But we should take a stand. "You can't give up."

"There is a need to create self-defence units to resist this lawlessness."

"It's not possible to stand it anymore. The government is subject to punishment to show officials to come what may happen to them if they misbehave".

"It is important to associate yourself, to maintain people's faith in their ability to build a better Belarus, to consolidate lived success and to remember that the experience of a positive retirement pension protest does not fades away."

"The truth cannot be hidden, but it may destroy the evil."

"I love you, Belarusians!" You're are the best! We cannot be stopped! We will surely win! Long Live Belarus!"

There are a lot of such comments. It shows that Belarusians are extremely dissatisfied with the power, they are ready to fight for a better life.

There is no spring in my homeland despite the fact that the nature is breathing with it. There is no spring because our people have to fight for it, for a free Belarus. But it will surely come. Because I believe in it together with hundreds and thousands of my dear compatriots.

Of course, the Belarusian Spring is still a dream. But dreams come true. And faith gives strength to live and fight. Long Live Belarus!

Marharyta Akulich, specifically for Charter97.org