23 October 2017, Monday, 17:57

Slonim Residents Took the Streets (Video Online)


Marсhes of angry Belarusians continue.

Several hundred people came to the main square of Slonim and marched to the City Executive Committee. People talked to bureaucrats and adopted a tough resolution required economic reforms and free elections.

Charter97.org followed the action online, Radio Svaboda provided video.


The action is over. The next action will be held on 25 March in Minsk, and March 26 in the regions.


People say they hate Lukashenka and regret that they have once voted for him: "We were extremely wrong then."


A local activist Victar Marchyk says: "People rock! They are not scared to be here. We have succeeded!"


The resolution is adopted unanimously and people intend to surrender documents to the City Executive Committee.


People say that the resolution should be amended with the resignation of Lukashenka.


The abolition of a decree on "spongers" does not solve all problems, participants say.


People require abolition of Decree No.3, suspend the price growth and retirement age increase, revoke the price increase for utility services and the contract system, which allows firing all the out of favour, to create environment for a private business and carry out free elections.


People still have a lot of questions to an official, and he gives no specific reply to any question; he is a typical Lukashenka's bureaucrat.


Participant in the Slonim rally intend to adopt a resolution.


People propose to tax bureaucrats who steal money from the state.


People chant "Revoke!" meaning Decree No. 3.


The bureaucrat says he can follow the plow.


People whistle and say that "the mayor" must be given a shovel.


People ask Tarhonski how he's going to fulfill absurd instructions of Lukashenka and to employ everybody until May 1 and pay $500. He has no clear answer.


Tarhonski tries to calm people down, he talks a lot but says nothing. Finally, people interrupt him and resent, one woman cries and says she does not know how to live.


People say a lot about the local "deputy" Alla Sopikava in the "House of Representatives", accuse her of stealing and idleness.


A local pensioner reads through the megaphone her poems which criticize the authorities. People applause and say Bravo!


"Mayor" Aleh Tarhonski invites people to his office tomorrow. People do not agree and say that this is a monkey business.


The mayor did not manage to calm down people. They say he's lying, and the authorities cannot make decisions and do nothing; the life is getting worse, and officials steal.


Slonim residents resent that they have already aske the mayor for help when they were fired, but he failed to help them.


People refused to go to the City Executive Committee, the local "mayor" appeared and suggested to have a "constructive" talk.


An official appeared and invited 20 people to the Executive Committee. People shouted out that bureaucrats got a nerve. "You will come out and account to people for the work done!", people cry.


Men say that "this state stand against the people, there are no prospects." "What should we be afraid of? The authorities try to intimidate people now to make them controllable," men say commenting on arrests of participants in rallies in other cities.


These authorities are unable to solve anything, they are not reliable, pensioners say.


People are outraged at low pensions, saying that pensioners live as beggars and are unable to buy food or medicine.


The number of participants is about 300 people.