24 May 2018, Thursday, 3:39

Slonim Rally Participants Demanded Lukashenka’s Resignation


The economic demands have been replaced by political ones.

Slonim rally participants have adopted a tough resolution, the repeal of the decree "on parasitism", the creation of jobs, the holding of fair and free elections are its main requirements.

The rally participants asked:

– Why is there no paragraph "Lukashenka's Resignation" in the resolution?

– Yes, you must add it!

– He said himself: "When the people say, I'll leave the post." Why does not he resign?

– When free and fair elections are held, let him take part, then the problem will disappear by itself, – an activist summed up.

The resolution has been adopted unanimously and it is intended to be passed to the city executive committee.

Charter97.org provided live coverage of the Slonim rally.