22 April 2018, Sunday, 5:32

"You Have To Choose: Either Eat Bread, Or Buy Medicine"

A resident of Slonim told that people in the city are in a critical state.

“Previously it was possible to live on this pension, but now it is not enough for living. A beggarly pension. You have to choose: either to eat bread, or to buy medicine. And what will happen to our children? We have sunk so deep! It feel such a huge shame that it even hurts, it's shameful for our country! What awaits us in the future? What awaits our children? Poverty? What do we leave behind? Salary of 200 rubles? Will they live, will they make families? They have invented this decree… How can an unemployed person find such money? Where from? In addition to the decree there are still lots of issues, but this decree has affected everyone! When Lukashenko was taking the oath in 1994, he laid his hand on the Constitution or the decree? What is more important, the decree or the Constitution?" – a woman from Slonim told.

The website Charter97.org broadcasts Slonim action online.