24 May 2019, Friday, 19:35
For our and your freedom!

Scared Lukashenka Backs Up


The dictator said that the decree on "parasites" will not be abolished, but they will not levy money this year.

The Decree No. 3 "On Prevention of Social Dependency" will not be abolished, but it was instructed not to charge the tax this year. Lukashenka voiced this decision at today's meeting on topical issues concerning the country's development, BelTA informs.

"If necessary, we need to amend this decree during March. But the decree will not be abolished. Tell the officials that it will be executed with the corrections that I’ve mentioned," – the dictator said.

"Of course, I read, as far as possible, and track all scribbling in the media - both oppositional and pro-governmental. And I know the statements of the representatives of the fifth column and something else – something that society does not know. Although there was a hint on this in the media," – Lukashenka said.

According to him, this decree is not economic or financial. "This is an ideological, moral decree. The state will not get any big money there. The purpose of this decree is to force those who should and can work to work. This is the main thing," – the dictator noted.

At the same time, Lukashenka stated that the responsible officials execute the decree "disgustingly and irresponsibly". "Our "deputies" also did not find their place there (in the work with the population on the execution of the decree - Ed.). And "deputies" of different levels, especially from local "councils", – he said. "Each chairman of a district executive committee, heads of administrations in cities, of district administrations – this is their job first of all. And control – this is for the governors and the mayor of Minsk. You should have the lists of idlers out there, whom you have to force to work. And you shouldn’t have touched honest people at all. We should not offend people, especially at such times. And those who take to the streets today and start shouting, they are not those "parasites" who are real "parasites". These are mostly those people who are offended, whom we have sent those notifications all of a sudden," – Lukashenka said.

He instructed to compile the lists of those who are supposed to make payments following the Decree No. 3 by April 1. "Deputies" of local "councils", the police, local police officers, special services are to be involved in the compilation of lists. Each chairman of the city and district executive committee, heads of administrations in the regional centers and the city of Minsk are to have them. And my administration together with the government is to organize control over the implementation of this decision," – the dictator said.

Lukashenka voiced the following decision: not to collect the fee envisaged by the Decree No. 3 during the course of 2017 from those, who would be included in the relevant lists. "The payment for 2016 is as an offset against 2017, if one does not find work. If he goes to work, we will return this money from the budget on his demand," – the dictator ordered. "In 2016, a certain number (these are thousands of people), without disputing, made the payments. Today I am withdrawing the demand to make everyone, whom we single out for the first quarter, pay this money. We will not collect money for 2016 from those, who have to pay. And those, who paid, will not pay in 2017. If they work in 2017, we must return this money at their request," – Lukashenka explained.

We remind that on February 17, a several thousand strong March of angry Belarusians to demand the abolition of the decree on "parasites" and new free elections was held in Minsk. The authorities were given a month to fulfill the requirements of the March.

After that, on February 26, large-scale protest rallies were held in all regional centers of Belarus. A few thousand people took to the streets in Homel.

On March 5, "Marches of Non-Parasites" took place in the large cities of Belarus. A few thousand people joined the protest in Brest, protesters blocked the main avenue of the city.

The leaders of the Belarusian National Congress called on fellow citizens from Minsk and the regions to come to the center of the capital for Freedom Day on March 25, and on March 26 – to protests in their towns.