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Kachanava Overtakes 10,5 Thousand Minskers In Accommodation Queue

Kachanava Overtakes 10,5 Thousand Minskers In Accommodation Queue

"The queue for improving housing conditions" in Minsk is quite an ephemeral thing.

There are more than 200 thousand families in the list, and in the last year only 626 people got the right to build. Because of such pace of construction, the line actually stopped at those who signed up for it in the late 1980s, nn.by writes.

However, many still are registered in the preferential list - just in case. To do this, you must live in the capital for 10 years. However, there are exceptions - servicemen, judges and other similar categories. Usually they build accommodation in departmental facilities.

However, there are exceptions to the exceptions. The Internet portal of the Minsk City Executive Committee allows you to track which place in the queue is occupied by one or another citizen.

The attention of journalists was attracted by the case of Natallia Kachanava, the current head of the Lukashenka’s administration. She moved to Minsk with her husband in December 2014, when she was appointed Deputy Prime Minister. At first she lived in a hotel, then, probably, at the territory of the residence in Drazdy.

The website of the Minsk City Executive Committee informs that citizen Natallia Kachanava (date of birth - September 25, 1960) is registered in the Central District of Minsk with a family of 2 people. She has been on the general list since June 14, 2016 under number 10532. In addition, Kachanava has been included in a separate list since June 14, 2016, her number in this list is 3."

The official (at that time she was the Deputy Prime Minister for Social Issues) first appeared in the queue for improving housing conditions in June 2016. Already in October 2016 the Minsk City Executive Committee allocated her a plot for building in Drazdy-2.

Thus, Kachanova was able to solve her apartment issue in four months, having bypassed 10,530 residents of the Central District of Minsk in the queue.

What is 10 thousand people who were overtaken by Mrs.Kachanava?

This, for example, is the audience of the concert of Siarhei Mikhalok at the “Minsk-Arena”.

Or the population of a town like Uzda or Valozhyn.