25 June 2018, Monday, 7:18

Interior Ministry Frightened By Activity Of 3,5K Football Fans


130 football fans might be banned from entering stadiums in the near future.

Soon, the football hooligans will be banned from going to the stadium. The sanctions will be applied to those who "distinguished themselves" at the stands or after matches by disorderly conduct, will be remembered for the use of pyrotechnics or coming to see the game drunk. On Wednesday, the "deputies" have approved the bill on making additions and amendments to some laws on the protection of public order and public safety during the sports events in the first reading, tut.by writes.

Depending on the committed offense, courts can prohibit fans to attend sports events for a period of three months to three years.

Deputy Interior Minister Mikalai Melchanka has told that today there are about 3500 active sports fans in Belarus.

— The soon-to-be adopted norm affects mainly the football fans as they cause most problems. As of today, we have the list of about 130 fail fans, who had already been spotted, — Mikalai Melchanka has clarified.

The lists of individuals banned from going to the matches will be published on the website of the MIA. The police officers at the entrance to the stadium will make sure the penalized individuals will not leak to the stadium. They will not stand with a stack of photos — a special system of video recording and control will be installed at all sports venues. It has already been installed at large stadiums.

— How much will it be to install such technical equipment at sports objects? — “deputy” Volha Palityka has asked the Deputy Minister.

— It’s an interesting question. I cannot tell this straightaway, — Melchanka has replied. — However, the sports objects bear responsibility for the order at their events here.

This means the sports objects will equip the stadiums with special technical means at their own expense or using the funds from the local budget.

Minister of Sport and Tourism Aliaksandr Shamko has said that immediately after the adoption of the amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses, "the total makeover of the stadium will not start straightaway.” The security costs will be laid in the budget during the construction of new objects and the reconstruction of old ones.

— The Ministry of Sports does not see any problems in the behavior of the fans. I think that the adoption of the document is more of a preventive nature for the people who behave aggressively at the stadiums, — Aliaksandr Shamko has added.

During this year, the Interior Ministry has recorded 29 incidents with the fans both at stadiums during games, and before or after matches. As a result, the police officers made 90 records and arrested 109 people.