23 April 2018, Monday, 16:15

Belarusian Military Men To Be Sent To Anti-Terrorist Operations Zones?


The KGB Deputy Head has announced changes in the Law “on the fight against terrorism”.

During his speech in the ‘house of representatives” on April 19, Deputy Head of the KGB Ihar Serhiyenka announced a number of amendments , which are offered for the inclusion into some laws on the struggle against terrorism, nn.by reports.

It is planned to enrich the legislation with the term “critically important objects”, the damage of which could cause serious consequences in the organization of the life activity of populated areas. According to the preliminary estimation, there are 865 such objects in Belarus.

Also, it is planned to prescribe the responsibility for covering travel expenses to the place of the training of terrorist activities.

The plan also includes changing the function of border guards, who will be able to assist the customs authorities in identifying hazardous substances.

It is also planned to change the criteria by which an organization will be recognized as terrorist, but all of these criteria were not voiced.

Another significant point is that the changes in the law will allow to involve the Armed Forces in the zone of the anti-terrorist operation.

According to Serhiyenka, the changes are aimed at preventing terrorism and bringing legislation closer to the international standards.

Serhiyenka avoided talking to reporters after his speech.