21 June 2018, Thursday, 21:00

Official Newspaper Suggested Sending "Parasites" To Reservation Areas


The regional periodical Viacherni Mahiliou has published an odious article.

We are referring to the article about "derelict Fedzia", who has gone the length of a crime to "hide for bad weather," which the regional newspaper site posted on April 18. The author proposes to "modernize" Decree No. 3, and send Fedzia to the reservation.

"On a good note, we ought to have shot Fedzia. But it seems that he himself did not kill anyone," –retired military lawyer Viktar Kandratsiyeu reasons things out in the article.

"It is to be hoped that another decree on" parasitism "will be adopted, which will send these humans what-not to the reservations and force them to work there until retirement," – Kandratsiyeu writes.