21 June 2018, Thursday, 0:17

Homel Farmer: The Authorities Practice Piggish Methods


The way officials wiped out a Belarusian peasant.

The situation with jobs is not the best one in Staradubka village, Homel region. Therefore, young, active veterinarian Ivan Khvoin decided to engage in his own farming.

He took care of more than 50 pigs. Last August his two pigs died. Ivan, according to the instruction, turned to a local veterinarian, however, he was not presented results of the examination, Belsat informs.

"She knew about my level of education, she was aware of the fact I would find out that the results were fraud," Ivan Khvoin recalls.

Ivan got misty-eyed when remembering events happened later

The authorities stated that pigs were sick with pig plague and they were buried in the courtyard. And not to let the disease spread, they killed other 53 pigs and burned down piggeries. There is one way out of the situation - monetary compensation on the part of authorities.

"They are obliged to fully pay losses the person suffered, because of the number of property - animals - seized. He is not a farmer," human rights defender Ales Euseenka explains the legal side of the case.

Last year Ivan should have been paid Br5300

But the sum is not paid, the most important paper is missing.

"I was given the order for seizure, but later I was offered to rewrite it. But then I was refused to receive the first copy which had a financial and legal significance. The first copy is the ground to get money," he says.

Ivan complained to the police, sought justice in the District and Regional Executive Committees, but attempts failed. The veterinarian of Loyeu districtrefuses to comment on the situation and also does not want to help.

Were pigs healthy?

Compensation evasion and the way animals were killed makes Ivan think that there was no disease at all.

"If the plague is eliminated, sanitary zones are created, focus is announced, the first danger zone and the second danger zone are declared, even the army is introduced so that this disease does not spread. And here I can observe just a seizure of property," Ivan Khvoin says.

In such a situation, the bankrupt villagers have no opportunity to recover. Ivan name these methods piggish.