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Brest Region Residents Rebelled Against Exercises "Slavic Brotherhood-2017"

Brest Region Residents Rebelled Against Exercises "Slavic Brotherhood-2017"

Indignant villagers got through to the Ministry of Defense demanding to stop the exercises.

Today the results of the Belarusian-Russian-Serbian exercises Slavic Brotherhood-2017 are being reviewed at the training ground Brest. There is no doubt that all the tasks have been fulfilled. But, it turns out, there remained discontented among the peaceful population, Viacherni Brest writes.

Residents of the village of Zakij near Brest (the Mukhavets village council) complain of crashed roads, trees and thick dust on the roofs and windows. They say that the houses were in a flurry, people jumped out of bed in order to stop the armada of military machines. But no such luck …

On Monday evening there was still a helicopter and airplanes flying around there. But the villagers were more agitated by the column of armored vehicles. Traces of its movement are still visible. According to eyewitnesses, Zakij residents suffered twice – on Friday and Monday. It is referred to Rachnaya street, at the very end of the village. At the corner – a steep turn with an exit to the field. The landing troops demolished some trees and smashed the road into shivers. The indignant people say that they are not against military exercises as such, they are bowled over by the disorder. If there is a possibility to drive nearby, then why to damage the property and spoil the people’s mood? The mood of those, whom the military, in fact, are trained to defend? it's kind of wrong ...

Last Friday, discontented Zakij inhabitant Mikhail Andrusevich phoned in this regard tothe Ministry of Defense. He says that they listened to him attentively and promised to deal with that. And indeed, after dinner, some soldiers with shovels arrived. The trees cannot be returned, but the road has been leveled. What a surprise it was for Mikhail, when this Monday morning the same thing repeated again... A column of armored vehicles passed exactly along the same road as it did a few days before ... Although a few meters away there is a "special" hill mowed down from the weeds, Rachnaya street residents of the River are distressed.

– Then why was it necessary to "climb the fence"? And what kind of intelligence do they have there? – the man asks, – if they could not find the right way.

To be honest, the trees are small, they probably were difficult to see. But it's insulting to the inhabitants. They planted them, tended, tied up, drove in tons of sand to maintain order. These trees form a so-called fire zone, a shield at the edge of the village. Maybe it would not be so offensive if the villagers had been simply put on notice...

It seems that the "damage" is not that much material here, but moral one... Zakij residents say they tried to appeal to the village council chairman as well. He just resigned himself – no big deal! we will plant new seedlings. But Viachorka journalists were persistently invited to drive towards the nearby summer cottages. To the side, where the armored vehicles drove, having turned round the village. They made a real mess of things there. First, we desided to go, but then stopped, bumping into the sands with traces of military equipment. The road to the summer cottages and Kamianitsa-Zhyravetskaya is a separate problem for the villagers. They say, only on a tank can pass along there ...

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