24 May 2018, Thursday, 3:33

‘Suspicious Citizens’ To Forcibly Report On Incomes Under Enquiries Of MIA, KGB


The Council of Minister of the Republic of Belarus adopted such resolution.

The Council of Ministers of Belarus approved the resolution on the implementation of control in the sphere of declaring income and property by individuals at the request of tax authorities.

The corresponding decision is confirmed by the governmental decision No. 516 which will come into force on July 15.

According to the new version of the law, the tax authority may demand a declaration if it has information on the excess of the value of property, owned by individuals; and on expenditures on revenues, received from legitimate sources, by at least 250 base fees (Bn 5,750, or about $ 3,000 in the equivalent) .

The ground may be a request of the bodies of the SCC, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB, the Prosecutor's Office and the Investigatory Committee.

The request for the declaration is made in writing in two copies. The first copy is delivered to the addressee against the signature or sent by registered mail. The other is kept in the tax authority.

If an individual can not file a declaration within the time limit specified by law, the submission of the declaration can be postponed by the decision of the Minister of Taxation and Duties, his deputies, chiefs of inspectorates. The reasons are temporary incapacity for work, being outside Belarus or something else. The delay cannot exceed more than three months from the date of receipt of the relevant demand.