25 May 2018, Friday, 0:36

Charhinets Got Into Mess In Search Of Quote About Wilhelm Kube


The chairman of the official Writers' Union was unable to respond, when Arlou proposed to name a street in honor of Kube.

Chairman of the Writers' Union of Belarus Mikalai Charhinets could not name the book, in which Uladzimir Arlou demands to name a Minsk street after Gauleiter Wilhelm Kube.

We remind that on July 11, at a press conference in Minsk, journalists decided to discuss with Charhinets the recommendations for the school program on the Belarusian literature, which the Writers' Union chairman draws up annually. He replied that he would never recommend the works of Uladzimir Arlou and Vasil Yakavenka, who glorify fascism. Allegedly, Arlou even offered to name a street in honor of Kube, the head of Belarus during the Nazi occupation.

Journalists asked Cherginets, on the basis of which he made such statements. He replied that both writers expressed their opinion about Cuba in their works, Euroradio reports.

Answering the question in which of his books Alrou offered to name a street in honor of Kube, Charhinets said: "We will find the book."