25 June 2018, Monday, 7:10

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What did Lukashenka show Dodon?

When you read the way Moldovan President Igor Dodon admires our country he have only seen on TV, and wonderes: what did they show him?

- I have seen enterprises in the European Union, but the level of industry Belarus has is the one we can still dream about, the president who wants to be like Lukashenka said.

Meanwhile, independent experts say that the Belarusian economy has reached the bottom and draw attention to the fact that bulletin boards are not full of vacancies with a salary of at least $500.

It looks like the President of Moldova has seen another Belarus. According to the program, tested by Russian journalists and bloggers the Belarusian authorities regularly hold press tours for at the expense of Belarusian taxpayers. After that, the press and RuNet burst with great reviews about the Chernobyl Parmesan absolutely free from radiation, about the stable middle class in Belarus and milk with milk taste.

What we can say, Belarus one can admire we often see on TV.

For example, the other day the report from a small motherland of Lukashenka showed a campus in Kopys.

This hospital can be entered in the Book of Records of Belarus as the only one with carpets in hospital wards. Probably, and there is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner; at least twice a day they clean hospital wards.

And female patients are given new robes in this hospital; two elderly women appeared wearing them in the story.

Bed linen is new, as if it has just been bought. Not every district hospital can boast of it.

Having traveled around his native village, Lukashenka addressed to the people: "This is not just a show-off, although in fact we want to show how we should equip the urban-type settlements."

It is interesting that not just the show we can see in a place the ruler comes to or is going to come.

In Vitebsk, for example, before the opening of the Slavianski Bazaar the road was washed with ... Mr. Proper! Journalist Alena Stsyapanava wrote on Facebook.

"I saw for the first time the way community facilities wash the road. Not with a special equipment, but by hand! A woman spays Mr. Proper on a stain and another washes it away at once. Slavianski Bazaar is a great power!"


And before the arrival of Lukashenka to Vitsebsk sand was mowed.

With such "inventions" it is as easy as falling off a log to make the Moldovan president admire!

Olga Slutskaya, "Solidarity"