24 May 2018, Thursday, 3:33

Dodon In Minsk: My Father-In-Law Worked As Tractor Driver At MTZ All His Life


The President of Moldova arrived in Belarus for three days.

On Wednesday and Thursday he visited Minsk enterprises, met with representatives of business circles, the Moldovan diaspora, attended a mass in the church and the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, kp.by writes.

In the evening of July 13, he headed for Vitsebsk and had a scheduled meeting with Lukashenka during the festival "Slavonic Bazaar in Vitsebsk".

By the way, this is the first visit of Igor Dodon to Belarus since his election as President last year. Most recently — in early June — the Prime Minister of Moldova, Pavel Filip, also visited Belarus.

If the PM is considered a pro-European politician, then the President of Moldova is a frequent guest in Moscow and speaks warmly about the Soviet Union. He also mentioned this in Minsk immediately after the Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ) tractor had been tested in the yard of the plant.

— I can reveal a secret: my father-in-law worked as a tractor driver all his life — he worked at the MTZ! Therefore, for me, the MTZ models look very familiar. Of course, everyone in Moldova knows, heard about the Minsk Tractor Plant. More than 60% of the Moldovan market is, of course, the MTZ. They are popular, — said the President of Moldova on air to ONT TV-channel.

According to the President, Moldova counts on the Belarusian tractors even now.

— The MTZ is a brilliant example of how to preserve and multiply the heritage of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, we in Moldova did not keep our Chisinau Tractor Plant, which has an equally glorious history. I believe that cooperation with the Minsk Tractor Plant will allow us to restore the tractor production in Moldova, " — Dodon wrote on his Facebook page.

Igor Dodon also got acquainted with the equipment produced by the Belkommunmash plant. He was especially interested in electric buses, which began to be produced last year.

— I hope that new models will also be on the Chisinau streets in the near future, — belta.by quotes the Moldovan President. — The ability to assemble electric buses will be discussed.

Igor Dodon spoke on air of the TV channel "Belarus 1". As the politician said, he wants Moldova to be similar to Belarus.

— We need to restore order in the economy, return what was good under the Soviet Union, we need to be friends with everyone, — Igor Dodon believes. The guest praised Belarus also for the fact that "collective farms and state farms were not destroyed here".