20 April 2018, Friday, 9:52

Best Shots From Basovishtcha-2017 Festival


Music Festival of Young Belarus was held near Białystok.

Bands BarRokka, Leibonik, SnopSnoŭ and Teleport opened the festival. Belarusian bands The Superbullz, Re1ikt, Ilo & Friends, .K, Nagual' and Serbian band Neozbiljni Pesimis performed on the first day. The headliner of the first day was Brest punk band Dai Darohu! which first performed in Haradok.

The headliners of the second day were Naviband, Akute and the Ukrainian band Vagonovozhatyie. Bands Stary Olsa, Vuraj, Manietny Dvor also pleased the listeners

Minsk band Teleport became the winner in the competition of young groups at the -2017 festival. The jury considered it the best among the four bands that performed in the finals. The four bands were Teleport BarRokka, Leibonik and SnopSnoǔ

Basovishtcha was held in 1990 for the first time. Over time, the festival became one of the main sites where Belarusian music is played. From 1992 to 2009 the competition of young bands was held, among the winners of which Znich, Zet,: B: N:, Mauzer and others.