17 July 2019, Wednesday, 3:55
We are in the same boat

Femen Activist Angelika Diash: Lukashenka Is People’s Traitor And Dictator


Angelika explained.

Angelika Diash is the activist, who on July 21 laid her breast with the inscription "Long Live Belarus" bare at the meeting of Lukashenka and Petro Poroshenko in Kiev. The girl was kept in the police for a night and released under a written undertaking not to leave the place only in the evening of July 22. Angelika told nn.by about the reasons of her extraordinary behavior.

– Where are you now, how are you?

– I'm finally at large. Yesterday I was kept at the Administration for 2 hours, then the lawyer was not allowed at the police station for a long time. The police did not know what to do with me, they asked different questions ... In principle, they treated me normally, there was no violence. But it was psychologically difficult.

– Were you ready to spend a night at the police?

– No, I did not think and did not expect that I would spend the night at the police station.

– And what about the fake journalist's ID? Did you make it yourself, or where it came from?

– I am not giving any comments on this topic.

– Was your aim to protest in front of Lukashenka? Why?

– Yes, in front of Lukashenka, but not only in front of him, it was a protest in front of the Ukrainians, in front of everyone.

Lukashenka is a people’s traitor, a dictator. The Belarusian people are unconsenting in their own state: there’s a million of restrictions ... Dictators are not to exist in the world. I have always been and always will be against the dictatorship.

– Have you ever been to Belarus?

– Yes. About three or four years I visited Homel on business-related matters.

– And what were your impressions?

– I was amazed that the city just died at night.

– And what do you do? How do you keep yourself?

– By teaching English, I'm a teacher by training. I am engaged in photo sessions – I have my photographs taken, I take photos myself ... I am engaged in various creative work.

– It is often said that FEMEN pays money to activists.

– It's a lie, it doesn’t pay money. I did not do it for money. What I did is coming from my beliefs.

– You have been in FEMEN since 2009 – that is, in fact, from the age of 18?

– For the first time I heard about it in my hometown, in Khmelnitsky. I have always been fighting against injustice. And then just joined the women's movement to continue this fight.