23 April 2019, Tuesday, 15:57
For our and your freedom!

Mikalai Statkevich: People Might Not Wait For Dialogue


80% of the population hate Lukashenka and his gang.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress Mikalai Statkevich posted this on Facebook.

"The bootlickers at power seem to be confident that they will live and rule forever. Now, in all major cities, private houses are taken away from people.

They disregard the fact that it is illegal, that several generations grew up in those houses. They got to my family as well. They do not even think that they are creating a dangerous precedent for themselves and their families.

They build mansions in Dradzy and mini-Drazdy across the country for themselves. And what will happen if the people’s tolerance expires and they regain power? What will happen to the inhabitants of millions of palaces built on unknown money? Even if those bootlickers will be treated in accordance with the "laws" that they wrote for us.

Now, they do not even want to talk with representatives of the people. What if the people do not wait for that dialogue? When the suppressed hatred of 80% of the population explodes, there'll be hell to pay. Maybe then some will regard prison as happiness.

They even meddle in their opponents’ families. They sent my wife a subpoena to the court on her birthday. As if they do not think about the future destiny of their own relatives and descendants. However, bootlickers can only think with the spinal cord. However, the chief bootlicker and his associates should have switched on their brains from time to time. If they have not lost this ability yet.”