24 April 2019, Wednesday, 16:01
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Deputy Prime Minister Rusy: We Can Grow Clean Products In Radioactive Zones

Mikhail Rusy

Clique from Drazdy decided that they can abolish the laws of physics.

The protective zone of Polesie State Radioecological Reserve will be waived. Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy explained in an interview with the television channel STV if they will grow food products there, which will later enter the market.

– I just wanted to say that to avoid misunderstanding, – the Deputy Prime Minister clarified immediately after the interview had started. – There is a radioecological reserve in our country. To make it all safe, we have very strict requirements and rules for obtaining clean products, which provide for even criminal liability in case of violation. Thanks to these requirements we have learned to cultivate clean products in zones with radiation of 1.5 - 5 curies. Therefore, the products must be safe.

That is why, he said, the "additional protective buffer zone" was introduced. Now the president "at the numerous request of the local authorities, in particular the Homel Regional Executive Committee", has changed the status of "this strict zone".

– It is manageable. Therefore, each field that will be sown, will be checked for radionuclides. And only after that the decision is made: the products are clean or contaminated. If there is the slightest deviation and presence (of radionuclides – editor's note), there no one will sow anything and will not harvest anything, – Rusy assured.

We remind, that Lukashenko visited the Polesie Reserve in mid-June. Later the media reported that some of the lands could be deprived of the status of reserve and would be "more actively involved in the economic turnover."

At the same time, Deputy Chairman of the Naroulia District Executive Committee Dzmitry Maksimenka noted that there are lands with a radiation level exceeding 40 curies per square kilometer in the protective zone. People are forbidden to be there, there are signs, places are marked. But there are areas with less pollution: from 1 to 5 curies (it's allowed to pick mushrooms and berries with mandatory radiation control) and from 5 to 15 curies (picking berries and mushrooms is prohibited, you can only walk in the forest).