24 May 2018, Thursday, 11:05

Photo Fact: One Hundred Thousand People Quote Famous Belarusians


Art-Siadzіba held an unusual flash mob in Lida.

On September 9 Lida hosted the Lidbeer-2017 festival. Various events took place in Lida throughout that day.

Art-Siadzіba also had its own point of activity, where everyone could take pictures holding placards with cult expressions from Belarusian songs, read a Belarusian poem as rap, send a letter to Liavon Volski and buy a souvenir in the national style, the website artsiadziba.by reports.

100 thousand people attended the Lidbeer-2017 festival. Hundreds of people took pictures with posters citing Belarusian music hits. After lunch, the autograph session with the Krambambula band was held at our site.