21 July 2018, Saturday, 7:12

Worker from Minsk: This Power Is Bankrupt


One particular enterprise has served as the reflection of the economic crisis and the revolutionary situation in Belarus.

The employer of Construction Department -25 sent the letter to the editorial office of Charter97.org. He wrote about arrears in wages and travel expenses. The reader told about "business trips" to Russia for $11 a day:

- We are sent to work on objects in Russia, the city of Tula. At the same time, they pay $11 per day instead of $30 stipulated by the law of the Council of Ministers, and the average salary is of 200-400 rubles. Moreover, travel expenses have not been paid since the beginning of July 2017. How did workers send their children to school? What do the workers live for and support their families? The leadership does not care. Where and who does steal from people working outside the country, not to mention wages in Belarus?

The reader emotionally told about the state of things in the construction sphere of Belarus:

- Now people return to Belarus to take a dismissal. People have no money to live in Tula. A bus full of people are going to leave for Tula on September 15. But there is no money. They will work in arrears. It is not known what future will bring. Only promises. It is easier to declare the construction sphere a bankrupt. The entire Belarus is the bankrupt. This power is the bankrupt. Real wages are about 500 rubles that are not paid for three months. Let the world know about it.

Charter97.org made a call to the Construction Department-25 to get the information from the primary source. An employee politely "hinted" no comments were available.