21 June 2018, Thursday, 18:54

Villagers On Lukashenka’s Visit: Some Sort Of Circus. They Are Pulling On Torn Pants


Residents of the villages near Slutsk mocked at the preparations of the authorities for the visit of the ruler.

The works on the improvement of the villages Rachkavichy and Liadna in the Slutsk district have been conducted for a week. Workers say that the work is planned, and the villagers — that Lukashenka will come to visit the place on Friday.

A resident of Liadna called the editorial office of the local newspaper kurjer.info and said that they were preparing for the arrival of the president with might and main:

— We laugh with neighbors that some sort of a circus was arranged. Before this, nothing was done, but now they delivered the equipment from the city and the neighboring villages and worked until night.

According to the newspaper, new fences are being installed in the villages, the power transmission lines are being replaced, asphalt is laid, the pond is cleaned.

An elderly resident of Rachkavichy, answering the journalists’ question on whether the president is coming, said:

— Maybe the president, or maybe the lady-president. In general, they arranged a show. They are pulling on torn pants.